Speedwitch #k106 CB&Q/FW&D/C&S XM-25/26 SS boxcar question #k106

Bill Welch


I am working on the Speedwitch kit of the XM 25/26. One side will be
from the C&S 13500-13999 series and the other side from the FW&D
7201-7700 series. The prototype photos included show C&S 13781
(1-1965) and FW&D 7415 (10-1953) with gussets at the top where the
vertical and diagonal braces meet while FW&D 7234 (10-1953) does not
have the gussets. Curious if anyone knows at what point these gussets
began to be applied?

For those contemplating building #106, in dry fitting the doors with
a horizontal brace it appears to me the door is too tall when
compared to the photos. I dealt with this by removing part of the
door track--the portion with the rivets but not the flange--which
does not appear in the photos. I left the door hangers as is except I
re-leaved the backside so the door would nestle up against the roof
nicely. This leaves the doors sitting about 3-inches higher while
also rendering a more accurate door tract IMO.

Bill Welch

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