1950's Pullman Standard advertising art

Rob Adams

I'm trying to track down information about a series of Pullman Standard prints created from advertising artwork done for Pullman Standard by J. Francis Chase (he also did artwork for Coca-Cola and other companies). The Pullman Standard paintings feature stylized composite railroad scenes with PS freight cars prominent in the images (primarily 40' PS-1 box cars). I'd like to connect with others familiar with them in hopes of finding additional information.

Here's what I know: Back in the day, you could write to Pullman Standard and obtain these prints. I'm aware of eight versions - featuring the following railroads: AT&SF, C&NW, Great Northern, L&N, RF&P, Rock Island, Southern Ry. and Western Pacific. The AT&SF image is slightly smaller on the paper (same width but not as tall), and I don't find a signature, so the image may not have been printed in full. But the style is the same, and I'm convinced it is from his work. These prints date from the mid to late 1950's. Mine were sent by Pullman Standard to the recipient in May,1958.

I am interested to know whether there are more than eight in the series and if so, what other railroads were done. Interestingly, the Rock Island painting was also used on the Rock's 1957 Annual Report to Stockholders. The Rock Island's 1960 Annual Report uses another Francis Chase painting, a close up view of a GP7 switching a 50' PS-1 box. Perhaps that was in a PS ad also. I suspect that these paintings appeared in ads that ran in the railroad press and other places.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

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