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I've been out of town for the holidays, so I'm also late to respond. The
Burlington Route Historical Society issued a Freight Car Data Sheet on
XM25/26 single sheathed boxcars, but it's currently out of print. The data
sheet states that "metal gusset plates were welded to the juncture of the
vertical posts and the diagonals at the top of some but not all cars,
beginning in the 1940s, in an attempt to stiffen the upper carbody and
perhaps eliminate movement t6hat opened leaks in the joints of the sheet
metal roofs". No source reference is provided, and the author of the data
sheet is not identified. Unfortunately, the earliest photograph of a car
with gussets that was included in the data sheet was taken in 1955, and I
have no photographic documentation of a car with gussets from an earlier
date. Other information of interest to modelers is that AB brakes replaced
KC brakes during the 1940s. Another possible source of information would be
the Sunshine Prototype Data Sheet for discontinued kit 17.1, which I don't

Nelson Moyer

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I am working on the Speedwitch kit of the XM 25/26. One side will be
from the C&S 13500-13999 series and the other side from the FW&D
7201-7700 series. The prototype photos included show C&S 13781
(1-1965) and FW&D 7415 (10-1953) with gussets at the top where the
vertical and diagonal braces meet while FW&D 7234 (10-1953) does not
have the gussets. Curious if anyone knows at what point these gussets
began to be applied?

Bill, I'm late responding to this because I've been in the middle of a major
computer upgrade, but I don't recall having seen a definitive answer, unless
you got one off list. I have numerous photos of these cars both with and
without the gussets. However, the gussets were apparently added as the cars
came through the shops in the mid-'50s, as the earliest photo I have of a
car with gussets shows a reweigh date of 8-53.

Richard Hendrickson

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