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Richard Hendrickson once did a kit for a model of this car, under his old Westrail line, basing it on the ubiquitous Athearn 40' box. The kit came an undec Athearn boxcar, with your choice of replacement doors (either short to fit on the unmodified body or tall (correct size) to be used with fill strips to fill in the holes from the oversized door guides) and sufficient various plastic strips to build the Duryea underframe. Maybe Richard might have a copy of the instructions kicking around somewhere... you would have to supply all the parts (not particularly difficult with the exception of the Athearn boxcar kit (who'd a thought THAT would happen!)  If you can get the instructions it should be no real issue to find enough other bits and pieces to recreate the kit. I still have one of these kits stashed away somewhere and I intend to build it (along with the dozens of other kits that I haven't been able to start...).

Good luck

Bill Daniels
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Happy New Year!

I have the RPC #25 on my desk along with a stack of Intermountain 1937
Modified Boxcars and I'm considering doing a Bx-34 to go along with the
Bx-37's I had originally planned since one of the major visual differences
is the Duryea Underframe; I realize it will just be a stand in since neither
car has the 10'6" IH of the model but it's close enough for me. I was
hoping someone would a have a recommendation as to how to do the underframe
for the Bx-34.



Mark Stamm

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