Re: Steam Era Flat Cars: o scale

Rob Adams


As a Proto:48 modeler, I have to disagree with either AAR flat project
being more risky than the NP/CB&Q/SP flats. The HO paradigm you apply
here doesn't seem to transfer all that well to the bigger scale. I
think Richard Hendrickson is dead on, and I e-mailed Rich Yoder to that
effect off-list. There isn't adequate variety for good flat cars in O,
and standard cars like the AAR flat should have decent appeal if done
well. I would agree that the flats are also excellent choices for a
plastic model, but take a look at the efforts being done in that medium
in O. Weaver would likely stand the greatest chance of doing a good
one, but their efforts are inconsistent. Some of their most recent
efforts have been outstanding (like the B&O M-53 box), but others not so
much (Pennsy GRa gon). Th All are done with compromises and "features"
to make them attractive for the 3-rail market. Ditto Atlas. Unless
there is a new manufacturer coming in to step up and produce an accurate
car built to standards for the serious O 2-rail and Proto:48 modeler, I
say no thanks. Would O Scale guys welcome a nicely done NP/CB&Q/SP&S
flat? Or an SP flat like the Red Caboose HO car? You bet. But for my
money (and that's what I'd be voting with), the AAR flats would be a
better choice for Rich.


Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

On 1/2/13 6:45 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Those are good choices for a PLASTIC model but I would think kinda risky
for a brass importer -- precisely because some plastic kit maker might
along and do it. Maybe something less common but still with widespread
like one of the NP/CB&Q/SP&S 52' flat cars. (W&R imported them in HO
brass and
Aaron and then Ted offered them in resin.)

Tim O'

On Jan 1, 2013, at 4:13 PM, Richard Yoder <
<>> wrote:

I Would love a good flat car project but it would need to have a
very wide appeal.

Rich, the obvious choices would be the AAR 50 ton or 70 ton flat cars
of the World War II era, which continued to be made through the 1950s.
Both types were built for many railroads, the 50 ton car for UP, ACL,
C&NW, L&N, NP, EJ&E, Pere Marquette, etc. and the 70 ton flat for
Erie, Santa Fe, NYC, B&O, New Haven, etc. Drawings are in the Cycs and
there are lots of photos. Both wee built in "War Emergency" versions
during WW II, but the chief difference from the standard design was
the use of wood rather than steel floor stringers.

Richard Hendrickson

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