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Rod Miller

On 1/1/13 2:47 PM, Rob Adams wrote:

O Scale modelers definitely need more options for accurate flat cars.
There are a few good ones though. Here are some to look for:

The Red Caboose flat is a nice model and very accurate for the New York
Central as-is. With some minor changes, it is also good for the C&NW,
W&LE (later NKP), Pere Marquette (later C&O). Several other roads had
cars that were similar - SLSF, GN, DSS&A come to mind. There is an
article by Richard Hendrickson in the January 1997 issue of Railmodel
Journal which is probably the best reference available on these cars.
The Red Caboose kits are no longer produced, but are commonly available
on the secondary market such as shows and ebay.

See this link to Richard's article on TrainLife:

Smoky Mountain Model Works offered an excellent resin kit for a Southern
Railway 40' flat car. These are apparently still available from Wiseman
Models, though I'm not sure whether the quality is equivalent to the the
originals. I can say from experience that the original SMMW kit is

Chooch produced a kit for the 53'6" 50 ton AAR flat car owned by several
roads including C&NW, D&RGW, IT, M&StL, NKP and UP. Unfortunately,
these are no longer available except on the secondary market. The
Pacific Limited AAR flat car was the same prototype.

Wiseman Models also has a cast resin kit for a Southern Pacific flat.
I'm unsure of its heritage. I don't own one and can't vouch for its

There are undoubtedly some models I've missed, but I think this covers
most of the accurate options done to this point in plastic and resin.

Kind regards,

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

On 1/1/13 3:54 PM, cereshill wrote:


I have a nice roster of boxcars, reefers, gons and hoppers.... What I
lack are flat cars. Who or what is out there in Steam Era 2R O flat
cars that are prototypical? I do not mind mixed road names at this
point. I would love a couple Pac Ltd models, but have not seen one in

Thank you and Happy New Year,

Brad Andonian

Lionel at one time produced some relatively nicely done
scale proportioned cars. One (I will describe by the catalog
description since I haven't compared it to the prototype)
was a PS-4. The trucks can be converted to 2-rail with a
little work and some NSWL 8292-4 (33", .145" tire) wheelsets.
A really solid (my preference) mount for couplers would take
some ingenuity.

Gilmaur may still have available an etched kit for the
SP/UP F50-4, a 40 foot car. I can provide contact info if
you need it. Mike will be at O Scale West (link below) in
about three weeks.

Berkshire Valley offered a urethane kit that was accurate
for the NH and B&M along with some other roads. This model,
enhanced to be a TOFC car including trailers, was the
convention car for an O scale convention several years ago.

Back to the Lionel car, IIRC was also offered as a TOFC car
in several road names with some passable trailers (not
accurate for SP though, groan). I have seen some these
cars quite nicely modified to be closer to the prototype.



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