Re: Atlas HO USRA steel rebuilt box cars


It appears that, if one accepts the shallow side sill modeling, that the ACL and someday-to-be-produced Frisco cars ARE credible models of the prototype. Or am I missing something else.


Edward Sutorik

--- In, Benjamin Hom wrote:

Ed Sutorik wrote:
"Volume 24 of the RP Cyc has an article on these cars. I believe from

therein, that ONLY cars from ACL, C&WC, DT&I, EJ&E, and Frisco MIGHT be modeled
by the Atlas cars."

Ed, go back and review the article again.  The DT&I cars have unique Cambre
roofs that are nowhere near that offered on ANY of the Atlas cars; the EJ&E cars
have Murphy rectangular panel roofs.  NONE of these prototypes can be modeled by
any of the Atlas models out of the box.

Ben Hom

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