Re: update to Richard Hendrickson's truck handout

Benjamin Hom

Rob Kirkham asked:
"I noticed the Tichy Andrews and two types of arch bar trucks were
not named. Wonder if that is because they don't cut it as models, or
maybe they are something that could be added to the next update down
the road?"

Richard Hendrickson replied:
"Not listing the Tichy Andrews and Arch Bar trucks was a judgment
call on my part, as better detailed trucks of those types are
available (e.g. Tahoe, Kadee, Intermountain). However, though it
lacks brake shoe detail, the Tichy Andrews truck is otherwise quite

I bought a large number of Tichy Andrews trucks a decade ago to use
for models requiring that truck; they're still nice looking trucks,
but over 10 years of use, the press-fit between the bolster and
sideframes have a tendency to come apart. I now replace them with
other Andrews trucks as required.

Ben Hom

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