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Guys -

I am replying to my own email to add more info on the Pacific Limited 53'-6" flatcars!

Pat had Wo Sung (WBM) make (300) total flatcars in this series. Richard Hendrickson helped him with some of the prototype information. They were distributed and boxed as follows:

(55) were the NP version which followed the AAR standard, except that the AB brake layout was different;

(50) were the UP version (F-50-11) which was the basis of the AAR design;

(35) were the C&O version which differed from the AAR design in having no poling pockets on the end sills; and,

(80) were the NKP version, also correct for D&RGW #22000-22199 (BLT 1944), ACL #77000-77471 (BLT 1943), SOO #5201-5399 (BLT 1941), C&NW #45601-46599 (BLT 1942 & 1944), EJ&E #6375-6574 (BLT 1943), MONON #7000-7059 (BLT 1941), and similar cars L&N #21000-21399 (BLT 1943 & 1947), CLINCH #10100-10149 (BLT 1946), and IT #1100-1149 (BLT 1945).

Note that the above only totals (220) cars. Pat held the last (80) cars back (all were of the NKP version), intending to make them into TOFC cars. However, he had trouble selling all the above (220) cars, so he never made the TOFC cars, selling (30) of them as flatcars in boxes with different labels (D&RGW,, ACL, etc.) as above. The cars did not sell well, and Pat finally "bulk sold" the last (50) cars to John Clemens.

Flatcars generally do not sell well in "O" scale for some reason.

At some point, Overland Models also imported a more modern flatcar - I do not have any info on it.

A.T. Kott

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Guys -

I can add a couple of O scale flatcars that might not have been mentioned.

First, here are the Pacific Limited cars, each a little different from the others:

PL #1000 NC&StL/SPS flatcar;
PL #2700 ACL 53'-6" flatcar;
PL #3150 UP 53'-6" flatcar;
PL #3200 NKP 53'-6" flatcar;
PL #3400 NP 53'-6" flatcar (if you remove the poling pockets, it becomes an I-GN car); and,
PL #3500 C&O 53'-6" flatcar.

Precision Scale Co. made (makes?) a brass and wood kit, PSC #9045, which makes a WP 41' standard gauge flatcar.

Westside imported an SP class F-200-1 16-wheel flatcar - very nice brass model.

Max Gray imported an approximate model of an NYC 16-wheel flatcar of different length from the Westside model (MG #116) - needs work!

Car Works imported very nice brass models of the PRR FM flatcars. With a lot of work, one could "kitbash" one of these FM's and a Hallmark Gra into a PRR Fgra flatcar and a PRR Gr gon!

Happy New Year!

A.T. Kott

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