Re: Steam Era Flat Cars: o scale

Richard Hendrickson

On Jan 3, 2013, at 5:37 PM, proto48er <> wrote:

Larry -

I think that Pat obtained the drawings from one of those CBC's, so it is actually a model of the NC&StL car. However, I recall that someone (Richard Hendrickson?) did an article in the model RR press about the NC&StL cars, and that there were two series of them on the NC&StL differing in brake equipment or something? SP&S also had similar cars.

A.T. Kott
All true, A. T., and the other RR that had cars built to the same design was the Florida East Coast. Also, the Texas & Pacific had some flat cars that were dry close. Those cars have been modeled in several scales in numbers out of all proportion to their importance because there is a splendid set of drawings of one series of NC&StL cars in the 1928 ands 1931 CBCycs.

Richard Hendrickson

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