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Bill Schneider

He still is... Hopeful that is. But Tony’s correct, you may want to inhale a few times.... ;>)

The factory is still digging through Canadian and FP9 production, among other things, and the reefer just can’t seem to get the last little bits completed because of the backlog. Knowing that I would be going to Cocoa next week (wearing my Hawaiian print flak jacket) I’ve asked the factory for some more definitive answers than “working on it”. The last sample (three weeks ago) was hopeful, but since then the silence has been deafening.

This, of course, is a frustration to me on more than just a professional level. If you remember, we chose this project in large part because I need them!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.,.. or at least just not throwing things too hard if you see me!

Bill Schneider
Rapido Trains

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On 1/4/2013 12:17 PM, Anthony Thompson wrote:
Bill Schneider is the right guy to answer
I seem to remember, at a convention, a couple of years ago that Bill was
hopeful!!!:-D :-D

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