Jack Delano's Photo on the cover of Mainline Modeler

Bill Welch

I remember quite vividly when I first saw the cover of MM years ago with the photo of Proviso Yard and how it influenced my interests.

Link: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/collection/fsac/item/fsa1992000708/PP/resource/

In many ways this image is iconic to me. I think I knew that there were many types of house cars and paint colors and subtle variations of weathering but somehow that image encapsulated for me the rich pallet (maybe canvas is the better word) that modeling freight cars offered. Coupled w/John Nehrich's "Shop Talks" they hooked me in both an intellectual way as well in the "gut" that adds up to being very satisfied.

I spent the afternoon downloading the Tiff versions of the freight car photos and running them through Photo Shop. I think I will make them one of my desktop and screen saver folders.

Bill Welch

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