Re: USRA SS boxcars

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

Not entirely true. Georgia did receive USRA SS boxcars (GA 19000-
19299), but A&WP did NOT. Do you have a source that's giving you this
bum gouge?
Also: GA 19500-19799? I've seen some photos of those, and those look to me
to definitely by USRA SS cars (5/5/5 ends and all). This would suggest to
me that 19300-19449 would also have been USRA cars? Never seen any photos
of those, though...

As for A&WP, maybe he's confusing their War Emergency boxcars with USRA
cars? I haven't ever heard of any A&WP USRA cars either, so.

Don't take this personally, but I'm getting the impression that you're
mixing up a lot of prototype information which is causing your
Some of the confusion is probably my fault; on the TT forum I've talked a
lot about various freight cars (esp. boxcars). For simplicity I've grouped
things together: to someone new to really looking at this sort of thing, a
B-50-14 looks a lot like a USRA SS boxcar, so those were put together -
pointing out the differences (since I think, with some work, a presentable
B-50-14 can be modelled from a USRA SS model; or, in TT, better put, the
other way around - RailTT's model is the CN version of the USRA SS "clone"
with the fishbelly centre sill). I tried to be as explicit as possible in
pointing all the differences out, but I did have to distil things somewhat
for the sake of brevity and legibility, and that may well lead to some
confusion despite my best attempts at being clear.

That said, if I may be allowed a word in defence of myself regarding the
subject at hand, I never did make any suggestion that the A&WP ever had
any USRA SS boxcars, or clones thereof...

Frank Valoczy
New Westminster, BC

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