HO Barber 70 Ton Trucks


After a wait of several years, I am offering the Red Caboose 70 Ton truck to the group at $3.90/pair without wheel sets. I do have wheels sets available ( code 88 only )@ $2.75 extra/pair of trucks. Postage will be added and for Paypay, their extra fees will be added.

These trucks were originally done for the RC SP F-70-7 flatcar and other SP cars used these trucks also, although spring packs varied on some. As Richard Hendrickson noted:"the Barber S-2 was one of the two truck designs that were widely used from the end of WW II through the '50s (the other being the ASF A-3), so the 70 ton Barber S-2 was applied to many cars built for many different railroads, chiefly (but not exclusively) flat cars, mill gondolas, large hoppers, and covered hoppers. Later in the '50s, they were also applied to a growing number of 70 ton box, auto, insulated box, and mechanical refrigerator cars. As Ron Merrick observes, spring package arrangements varied".

Andy Carlson offered these trucks recently but he is sold out and I have a limited # of these to sell. If you are interested or have questions, contact me OFF LIST at <espeefan@...>. Thanks.

Dan Smith

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