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Pieter Roos

Also worth mentioning are the Speedwitch Media freight car books and "The Postwar Freight Car Fleet", Larry Kline and Ted Culotta, National Model Railroad Association, Inc., Chattanooga, TN, 2006.

Both provide information on a wide variety of cars, which will be very helpful to TT group so they do not need to re-discover what various researchers have learned over the last 20+ years. The usual disclaimer, I'm not connected with Speedwitch or Ted, except for enjoying his products.

The "Postwar Freight Car Fleet" appears to be still available from NMRA, although some resellers list it as out of print.

Pieter Roos

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Larry the K wrote:
For a summary the USRA boxcars and clones (but no photos) there are two Excel spreadsheets in the files section of this list:
- USRA DS boxcars.xls compiled by Ben Hom
- USRA SS boxcars.xls compiled by Larry Kline
There are numerous boxcar articles from Railmodel Journal at
You can find the articles using the Kalmbach magazine index at:
A search for Railmodel Journal articles by Richard Hendrickson and Ed Hawkins is a good place to start. Using advanced search and the search strings "Hendrickson boxcar" and "Hawkins boxcar" returns 98 articles which give pretty comprehensive coverage of the boxcars relevant to this list.
And in addition, there is a superb summary article by Pat Wider in _Railway Prototype Cyclopedia_ in issue 17.

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