Re: UP box car and USRA single sheathed outside braced box car decal questions

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
I subscribe to the contrary philosophy, that says if your layout contains NO unusual cars, then it's not
very representative of most railroads, since one can often spot unusual cars in photos of the prototype.

Of course, all things must be done in moderation. :-)
Tim sets up a straw man here, that I am opposed to having ANY unusual cars. I didn't say that, don't believe that, and don't practice that. I strongly agree that unusual cars are essential, and I have several. They are from pretty small railroads that by Gilbert-Nelson are of tiny probability but which, as Tim says, need to be part of the texture of a fleet. But personally, I would draw the line at one-of-a-kind or extremely rare cars. That's why my fleet of over 40 PFE reefers does not include an aluminum car. Perhaps that's part of Tim's "moderation" principle.

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