Re: USRA SS boxcars

Benjamin Scanlon

--- In, "Pieter_Roos" wrote:

Also worth mentioning are the Speedwitch Media freight car books and "The Postwar Freight Car Fleet", Larry Kline and Ted Culotta, National Model Railroad Association, Inc., Chattanooga, TN, 2006.

Both provide information on a wide variety of cars, which will be very helpful to TT group so they do not need to re-discover what various researchers have learned over the last 20+ years.

i will look into ordering something like that, as it seem a primer would be in order, for me, anyway.

i should say i am thankful to frank valoczy for his work in posting such a huge amount of information on the TTnut forum.

in the larger scheme of things, i would not be here asking questions at all had not my interest in the topic been awakened by frank's consideration in sharing what he has.


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