Greg Martin

Here's final update guys. Looks to me we are full and I will take a few
reservations for hand outs at this point.
If you think your name should be on the list for handout only drop me a
prompt email as I am in the air all day Wednesday and will not check my mail
until after 10 PM EST. If you have a change of plans and can't attend please
let me know

BTW the hand out will also focus on the "long handed method" of kitbashing
the car so you'll all have the opportunity to be able to do the work
beyond the event. As always I recommend that you all bring a pen and a pencil
and as there are always comments made during the presentation that are not
easily remembered or on the handouts and can be valuable on the SHAKE N TAKE

Kit and Handout:
1. Denny Anspach
2. Jon Greedy
3. Mont Switzer
4. Tony Thompson
5. Schuyler Larabee
6. Armand Premo
7. Craig Zeni
8. Jerry Glow
9. Mike Brock
10. Al Brown
11. Bill Darnaby
12. Roger Hinman
13. Bill Welch
14. Brian Carlson
15. Arved Grass
16. Bob Heninger
17. Richard Hendrickson
18. Scott Dam
19. Chuck Davis
20. Greg Davis
21. Matt Herson
22. George Corral

Now for the list of 1st Alternates or Hand Outs only room for twenty (20):
1. Charles Hostetler
2. John Cantlay
3. Fenton Wells
4. Stuart Forsyth
5. Clark Cone
6. Carl G Camann
7. Roger Wilson

8. Larry Sexton

There will be a sign up sheet at the registration that I will maintain for
the walk in crowd FRIDAY AM. I am sure I am not going to have to be there
all that long until it files up. Pass the word...

You might also want to consider bringing a kit (undecorated like ours or
decorated) and a graphite pencil to follow along and mark the/your car up as
there will be three (3) cuts to make the 37-foot car work.
Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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