Re: Official SHIRT colors for ProtoRails 2012

james murrie

This will allow them to be differentiated from the passenger car guys who will be wearing Pullman green, Milwaukee orange or stainless steel shirts(also to be worn 50yds east of the low tide mark due to their corrosion resistance).
Jim Murrie

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In order to enhance our Steam Era Freight Car modeling experience at the forthcoming ProtoRails 2013 – Cocoa Beach, the following thread from the recently defunct "Shirt Club Discussion Group" is passed along: "….the Fraternal Order of the SHIRTS membership selection committee chairman while relaxing with a refreshing Leinenkugels has declared that Cocoa Beach shall be a RED SHIRT Friday and BLACK SHIRT Saturday". All inductees and members in good standing of FOotS (a.k.a. Hawaiian Shirt Club, Chicago Shirt Mafia, Polish National Touring Bowling Team, Those Guys in the Crazy Shirts, Hey- Nice Shirt; where can I get one, The Shirt Club, etc.) to proudly wear their colors while participating in the ProtoRails events. Official alternate colors of TAN or BLUE are also permitted.

In keeping with past practices there will be NO banquet dinner this year. Inductees (you know who you are) shall gather on Thursday night at 2400 hrs 50 yards east of the surf line. If you have not remitted your dues by January 8th, don't worry, there aren't any!

J. Greedy
(Unofficial) Recording Secretary

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