Re: CV 40000 series WAS 40'IL 8'IH 7 panel Howe Z-bar truss (aka Fowler) box cars

Marty McGuirk

The CV 40000-series boxcars were some of the earliest examples of what are sometimes called "alternate" ARA cars.

If anyone is interested, I included a post on my blog about those cars:

I welcome any comments or feedback on the post.

Marty McGuirk

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San Juan Car Company has an exquisite model of the D&RGW car in O scale, while Westerfield offers this in HO. The
former may be a resource itself, while the latter's web page can help with lettering for many of the roads' cars (see the
4400 and 6400 series of kits.)

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Earl Tuson
hullo earl

thank you for the detail. this is very informative for me.

on the illinois central car, in TTnut a similar photo of a CV car was posted.

it looks a little too high for the 'fowler clone' represented by the gold coast TT kit, which i think is supposed to be 8' IH? however it is a very interesting car.

i have found on one of the rock island mail lists that a few of the composite ended early RI 'fowler clones' were still on their roster in 1962, but had gone by 1965. these are the ones with 18 thin roof ribs described in the O scale magazine article as 'mullions', as opposed to the 15 on the gold coast model.

(RI had later similar cars with steel ends and other variations in corner bracing, i think in the B-2 classification. i do not know if these were the same height as the earlier cars but they look similar.)

regards, ben

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