Re: SE version of the 40' war emergency composite boxcar

Benjamin Hom

Ben Scanlon wrote:
"i've looked at the sunshine models pdfs for war emergency boxcars and
the SE [Southeastern] war emergency version which is 10' high, 6"
lower than standard."

Be careful with designating car heights as "standard" - significant
numbers of 10 ft IH boxcars were being built at the same time as 10
ft 6 in IH boxcars.

"i can find an outline diagram of the 10'6" car ... sounds like a
good place to start in building one."

See the August and September 1994 issues of Mainline Modeler for
drawings and articles by Richard Hendrickson.

"I am wondering where the 6" height was pruned from ... was at the top of the walls, by just using shorter trusses and a thinner plank, or is there a more fundamental difference i'm missing?"

Shorter trusses. This is what makes lowering height for SS boxcar
kitbashes difficult - in most cases, you can't simply cut down a
carbody becuase you cut off the top of the truss.

Ben Hom

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