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Great discussion, guys! Just had this same discussion with a friend about a WIF box car and an MDC reefer...

Having seen in person, and heard many more examples of "oddballs" (cars you don't expect to see somewhere, not necessarily a type of car) showing up unexpectedly, I created a drawer for cars that I have show up unexpectedly, but not by whim; I have some reason (d100 die roll each operating session):

Flat car with rebuilt transformer for power plant (determined by d100);
Partially reloaded reefer from downtown Pgh's reefer heaven, going to a local supermarket distributor facility;
Bad-order car(s) destined to be set out somewhere, based on sharp eyes of operators;
Mis-directed car that does not belong in a consist;
Open hopper from some far away location that is statistically SOOO unlikely to be there...;
Ditto for box car;
Ditto for gon;
Very unusual load for local team track, with empty for cycle back;
Shifted load car, also for spotting by some sharp-eyed operator;
Cars that are damaged in some way, and should be bad-ordered or not used for intended service (i.e., gon with missing sections of flooring, flat cars with same, etc.)

There could be dozens more.

So, in my world, a string of "expected" hoppers sometimes gets an addition of that one SP (or ATSF, DRGW, or IC) hopper that "just does not belong there", just so it looks more real, maybe only to me,

Elden Gatwood

P.S. Any idea why a six-done "wine" tank car might be on the P&WV?

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Frank Peacock gave a most interesting talk at Cocoa Beach last year, to the effect most every mainline through freight train contains one "outlier": a car whose probability of being there is low. Examples I remember include a Midland Valley boxcar, and a Green Bay & Western reefer; the latter was an outlier *in context* because it was westbound over Sherman Hill *empty*. It makes perfect sense to have a pool of such cars, and use a select few per operating session.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Which I why I was so glad that the Georgia RR USRA steel rebuild boxcar that my wife innocently gave me the Tichy kit for was painted in freight car red two years before my model layout era! Silver painted cars are pretty obvious.

I have a True Line model of one of CN's three aluminum-sheathed 40' boxcars, but have many regular CN 40' boxcars to blend it in with. Not so for my models of Gerogia RR cars--exactly one car.

Now if you were modelling the Georgia RR in 1954, odds are that you would have many silver-sided cars and a few oxide red. In this case, the oxide red cars would be the odd ones!

Steve Lucas.

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I subscribe to the contrary philosophy, that says if your layout contains NO unusual cars, then it's not
very representative of most railroads, since one can often spot unusual cars in photos of the prototype.
Yeah, Tim, but if you're going to have one or two odd-ball cars on a layout, they should be OBVIOUS odd balls (e.g., helium tank, dry ice reefer, drop-center flat car, etc.) Otherwise, who knows they're odd-balls? I'll bet the number of modelers, even on this list, who would recognize that the boxcar in the passing train was the one-and-only Union Pacific B-50-18 is very small (and I'll bet I could name most of them). For all but those very few viewers, where's the verisimilitude in having a stealth odd-ball that no one recognizes as such?

Richard Hendrickson

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