Re: SE version of the 40' war emergency composite boxcar

Benjamin Scanlon

See the August and September 1994 issues of Mainline Modeler for
drawings and articles by Richard Hendrickson.
Thank you. I will look out for it, but I should point out that I live in the UK and accessing these back issues is not easy. Hence why I like online diagrams. The Sept issue *is* available but $US12.50 (less p&h) for a plan is a bit steep for me at this point in time.

So I hope folk don't mind if I focus on what I can dig up online or via scans or a plan from some other source.

"I am wondering where the 6" height was pruned from ... was at the top of the walls, by just using shorter trusses and a thinner plank, or is there a more fundamental difference i'm missing?"

Shorter trusses. This is what makes lowering height for SS boxcar
kitbashes difficult - in most cases, you can't simply cut down a
carbody becasue you cut off the top of the truss.

I once knew a guy who did very delicate surgery cutting a car about three times horizontally through the side and end to remove 1' of height. (I think he felt a single cut would have been too obvious in that the diagonal trusses wouldn't have aligned correctly.)

Fortunately for his sanity he made a master out of the shortened side and end.

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