Manor (Model RR Products)

JP Barger

HI, Gene, et al,

I saw your question on the 8th, and want to reply with what I know about
Manor. Once upon a time, when I was much younger, I began to collect early
HO freight car models. Incidentally, 99% of the HO models which were made
between 1934 and 1960 in pre-injection molding days fit in the STMFC time
span, and could be considered a modeling resource by all of us who try to
put together freight car models of the sixty year period.

Anyhow, Manor, although their box claims they made six different types of
cars, seems to have actually produced only two types, a pickle car and a 40'
composite gondola. I have collected only these two in 55 years of looking.
Manor's boxes were white and measured 9 3/4" long, 4" wide (minus) and 1
1/4" thick (outside dimensions of covers).

On the boxes, an address of 5619 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL is printed,
along with the intended six car types: box-cars, reefers, gondolas, pickle,
flat-cars and hoppers. In addition, another line at the bottom of the cover
top says: Model 'HO' Gauge Freight Car-Kits & Supplies.

I organized ads placed by early manufacturers, by car, but found only one
advert ever placed by Manor, which appeared in Model Railroader in the
October 1948 issue on page 743. I haven't looked at this ad this time
around; it may contain another bit of information.

My guess would be that Manor's production halted after the two car types,
although I would hope that they went on to make more. I would appreciate it
if someone else could supply more information about Manor. Maybe someone is
still alive who was into model railroading at an early age in 1948, and
lived nearby, someone who knows the name of the principal person; like, for
example, M. B. Austin was the young man behind Sterling Models, also in
Chicago in WW II times.

I wish you all a pleasant meeting in Cocoa, and wish I could be with you
this year.

JP Barger

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