Re: UP box car and USRA single sheathed outside braced box car decal questions


last email address I had was martinpark@...

Roger Hinman

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Does anyone know how to acquire photos by or owned by Jim Parker? Many of the dates I see associated with his photos are "in my wheelhouse."

Bill Welch

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Now if you were modelling the Georgia RR in 1954, odds are that you would have many silver-sided cars and a few oxide red. In this case, the oxide red cars would be the odd ones!

Steve Lucas.

quite probably. GA / West Point Route had a variety of cars painted silver, including

AAR 1937 boxes:

USRA SS rebuilds:

and these, though i've no idea what they are ... a version of their 1923 or 1924 ARA Pratt truss rebuilds, given the 7/8 end?

even their MOW stuff got silver paint at some point, though a whiter shade.


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