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The 38ft NH gondolas were built by Standard Steel, builders photos were available from Keith Retterer but that collection is currently unavailable. SSC Gen Arrgt drawing number 15751 is available at the PA State archives in Harrisburg and possibly at the IRM Library

Roger Hinman
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Hi, Claus -

I don't have a lot of information as they are well before my era. They are actually hopper bottom gondolas. You can just make out the hopper in that picture under the second rib from the left.

They were built from 1906 to 1911.

Here's a diagram:

They were gone by 1940. I don't have any listed in work service from 1946 or later, but I don't have earlier records.

I'd recommend asking on the NHRHTA forum to see if anybody else can help there:
At, or a direct link to the forum:

I hope that helps.

Randy Hammill
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Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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Hi List Members,

I've been trying to gather some information on a series of New Haven 38' gondolas. The best image I've been able to find is of NH 51443. Note the spotting feature that the two center panels are much narrower than the others. See link below.

Information from a Dec 1930 ORER indicates the following:

MCB Designation GR
Coal, Transverse Twin Hopper
Numbers 51000 to 57449
Inside Length 38'
Inside Width 9' 3 1/2"
Inside Height 3' 9"
Capacity 80000 lbs
Number of Cars 3079

Anyone have any images of these? Know anything about them? I'm considering modeling one or more of these. It seems these could be made from the all-too-common 40 foot 8-panel gondola models by shortening the two center panels...

All the best - Claus

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