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At the IRM's Pullman Library we do have many original pencil and ink drawings of SSC freight and passenger cars, plus interurbans and early trolley cars. According to Eric Neubauer's CD of P-S freight cars, there was one 1906 order and three 1907 orders for NYNH&H 80 ton 38 ft gondolla cars, general arrangement drawing 15751: s/n's 51000 - 51499, 51500 - 51999, 52000 - 53449, and 53450 - 55949. In 1911 there was another order for similar cars, s/n 55950 - 57499, but under GA dwgs 28438 and 28906. If there is interest in these drawings or including detail like the underframe and brake arrangement drawing, or the drop door mechanism drawing, please let us know and we can check for availability, then mail an estimate. A drawing copy goes for $25, but that includes priority mailing. Note that we supply significant numbers of drawing copies to model manufacturers, under Bombardier license. That protects them and you from unauthorized copies for other than the intended single user use, also protects us as the fees cover annual costs in the thousands for digital equipment upkeep and ongoing restorations to protect the originals. I checked my listing for Keith's photos without success for these cars, but maybe Roger has an updated list!
Sincerely, Ted Anderson, IRM Pullman Library volunteer curator

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I certainly hope the others are correct and the collection is available. I'm on travel this weekend but I have his catalog at home with the photo listings for these cars
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Roger: If, as others in the group have indicated, Retterer is still alive and active, why is his Standard Steel Car builders photo collection currently not available?
Wayne M. Dzwonchyk

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