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Bill Welch

I have built two of Sunshine's 8K insulated AC&F Type 27 tank cars, Warren and Cities Service. I did find myself re-engineering as I went. A BIG frustration was no guidance about how to figure out the location of centerline of the bottom of the car (to sort locating it squarely on the u/f) and the top of the car (to sort out positioning the tank's dome). This turned out to be one of those pesky problem solving opportunities that when I did figure it out I went around for a week patting myself on the back and saying I can build anything. A biggy for me was figuring our how to draw a straight line along a cylinder!

One thing I sorted out in building these two, about two years apart, was that using long screws to secure the tank as well as the trucks makes perfect sense and I now build all my tank cars, styrene and resin, with long truck screws. doing this creates a sounder attachment for the tank to the underframe but also allow one to leave attaching the tank as one of the last steps, while allowing one to constantly have the tank on or off the underframe while building the model.

I have ready to paint Sunshine's Type 30 General American. This has been a wrestling match and I finally sorted out that I needed to shortened all for of the Bolster parts to get the one-piece running board to sit correctly and squarely on the u/f. In the process I decided to convert it to a car for Union Starch and have gone overboard adding bits and pieces.

I have built two of Sunshines UTLX X-3s with three more to build and two X-5s. These are time consuming because of the many steps and care required but are beautiful models.

SC&F kits are well engineered. I have his first five kits all at the stage where the tank is secured to the u/f with long screws and the running board systems for all five has been dry fit. But Jon does not include a line scored on the bottom sheet indicating where the centerline is, again leaving this up to the modeler. Very frustrating. I purchased Jon's two new kits here at Cocoa Beach (and two for Dan Smith), and he is sold out for now.

I find building tank cars, whether they are styrene or resin, time consuming, an invitation to re-engineer/add little details and rewarding.

Bill Welch

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I just finished my second SC&F tank car. Very nice kits. Go together very well, just time consuming. Was wondering how assembly of these kits compare to other manufacturers resin tank car kits?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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