Re: Determining car dimensions from photographs.

Bruce Smith


I'm not sure what you're looking for, but the math is simple rations

You need to divide the measure something on the photo by the known dimension of that item. That is then set equal to another measured item on the photo, divided by "X" (the real measure of the item)

For example, if a 33" wheel measures 1" on the photo and the height of the carbody measures 10" on the photo, then

1"/33" = 10"/X

Solve for X (cross multiply) and X = 330"

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL
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Hello everybody hope your new year is going well.

I saw in one of the historical society magazineshad an article on determining car dimensions from photographs.

It included the various math needed to figure out sizes from photographs. I thought I had bookmarked it but I guess not.

I understand I can get overall outside dimensions from the ORER but need to figure out all the detail stuff.

Anybody remember seeing it or know the mathmatical equations to use?

Thank you,

Scott McDonald


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