Intermountain semi-scale 33" wheel sets

Andy Carlson

Hello survivors of the Mayan collapse.

I have good numbers of Intermountain Railway Co. #40052 12 packs of 33" code 88
semi-scale wheel sets I am offering to readers of this post. Each package has
enough axles to equip 3 freight cars.

Each 12 pack has a list price of $10.00. I am selling these 12-packs for $7.00

I have a few 12 packs of 36" wheel sets available at $8.00/each.
Buy 18 packs, and I will pay the postage (That is free shipping).

Shipping for all other amounts are $2.25 and up, depending on weight. I accept
checks and money orders, and for a small fee, I can also accept PayPal. If
interested, please contact me off-list at <midcentury@...>

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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