Re: HO scale model guide for 1920s era freight cars

s shaffer

Subject: [STMFC] HO scale model guide for 1920s era freight cars

After a few months of discussion, a few friends and I have compiled a guide to plastic HO scale freight cars that were a part of the national fleet during the 1920s. Most of the guide can be useful for anyone modeling before WW2. Details can be found here:

Three main criteria were set for inclusion on this guide.
- Currently available
- Injection molded plastic model
- Requiring minimal upgrades to resemble prototypes

This guide will be updated as new models are introduced and others are deleted. Any recommendations of additional models or prototypes suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi Eric, it was nice to talk to you at the meet Saturday afternoon. Saturday night I was looking at your website/blog and happened upon your freightcar list. I suggest the criteria "Currently available" could be better defined. I think the P2k 40' Mather Stock Car could be included in your list. Walthers lists it as being available June 2013, but I would have no trouble finding a past production run model to buy.

At the meet yesterday, Eric gave a motivating presentation on weathering. Eric is the second person on this list that I have met in person. The first was Gene Green, he came to the local club open house during the Southern New Mexico State Fair some years ago, but I did not get to talk to him much. I like to help out during the Fair and had spotted a youth that showed more than a passing interest in model railroading. I had given the kid the delux tour of the layout and was showing him how to lubricate and clean the wheels of a locomotive model (yeh it was a modern diesel) when Gene came by. Later I brought a mainline train in and the kid (Justin was his name) cut the locomotives off, ran them into the service area and brought out the string we had just serviced. He then ran the train out of Belen yard onto the main.

You cannot get a kid interested in Steam Era Freight Cars till you get them hooked on Model Railroading.
Steve Shaffer

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