Re: HO scale model guide for 1920s era freight cars

Eric Hansmann

Thank you for the Accurail details, Dennis. I've incorporated several of your points into the listings on the 1920 Freight Car Model Guide.

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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A little expansion on the Accurail listings... the 2400 series are supposed to be USRA "as built" lettering schemes. Most of our cars have the post 1926 dimensional data arrangement, because it remained pretty consistent through the popular WWII and steam to diesel transition modeling eras. But we do recognize that some people model the early twenties, so offer lettering correct for that era from time to time. The 2500 series cars pack with ARA Cast ("Bettendorf") trucks, while the 2400 series kits come with Andrews. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer K brakes, but substituting an after market reservoir and triple valve while using our brake cylinder does the job.

We have also done some pre 1926 lettering schemes on our 4600 USRA boxcar kits, but since all those kits pack with Andrews trucks, we haven't differentiated them by SKU number series. Since we have images of all our lettering at:

This shouldn't be a problem. We've recently produced a run of Data Only boxcars with the original data arrangement:

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

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