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Burst your bubble? Nah! I've got 5 or 6 of them myself, but I've use the Detail Associates ends on mine (either 5/5 or 5/4). As I recall, (I don't have one available right now) they are all W section ends, and they are designed to work with the Athearn 40' S/D boxcar body.

Bill Daniels
San Francisco, CA

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Tim and list,
The True Line Trains 1937's look very nice, but I'm hoping that the CCF-built cars (480715-481764) were closer to what we are familiar with as far as commercially-available U.S. prototypes. I am brazenly proceeding to section about a scale 4 inches off the height of one of my 17 Athearn yellow-box modified 1937's, replace the ends with I-M round corner 1937's, and replace the doors with I-M 1937's. The Athearn raised-panel Murphy roof will be retained. Somebody please burst my bubble before I get too far (right now it just looks like a styrene flat kit).
Dan Sweeney, Jr.
Alexandria, VA

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Don't forget that True Trains of Canada also has a 1937 AAR design box car model.
They make the roof and end variations found on Canadian-built cars.

Tim O'Connor

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