Re: Prototype Rails 2013 trip report


Jeff Aley [ Prototype Rails Clinic Chair notes:

"The website didn't have more details about each topic, nor a section where one could look up a particular person and see when s/he was scheduled. The Clinic Chairman for PR14 (me again) will have to work on this. He should also get the schedule published a bit earlier."

I'm the meet boss and I approve of this message <G>.

"I only got a cookie on Thursday night :( It's silly how much I looked forward to a $0.65 chocoloate-chip cookie."

The secret, of course, is to hang around the meet boss [ me ] just prior to cookie arrival. I agree that it is amazing how attendees covet a free cookie...somewhat like a door prize. On one occasion I feared someone might be injured in the onrushing hoard coming from the ball room to the cookie station.

It is interesting that Jeff listed quite a few clinics that I wanted to attend but did not manage to. I was able to see most of 4...a bit higher than usual for me. However, it does show that the plan for this meet has been successful. Back in 2000 I sat in a hotel in Jacksonville with John Wilkes during an NMRA regional convention lamenting that there was nothing to do....dead time. I can recall that we concluded that we should come up with something better, a meet in which there is always something to a circus. The solution? Prototype Rails. I never get to do or see even a small part of what goes on. And, unfortunately, time seems to fly by. However...there's always next year...

Mike Brock

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