Re: Prototype Rails 2013

Greg Martin

Mike and all,

Both groups have a Yahoo Groups:

_pnw_rpm@... (mailto:pnw_rpm@...) is Seattle
based with I believe Rick Selby at the helm.


_PortlandRPM@... (mailto:PortlandRPM@...) is
Portland based with Jim Hayes at the helm.

Both lists are quiet for the minute but as we approach Summer they are far
more active. I can tell you that there are some fantastic modelers here in
the PNW and they don't mind sharing their work. We are far reaching from
Pennsylvanian/Ohio to British Columbia, Southern California and Nevada to

Out meet date is not etched in stone so we are considering and August date
as well. We'll let you know.

You'll generally find a few folks from this list at these meets, and we do
aspire to entertain as well as share our knowledge.

Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

Mike Brock writes:

"Greg Martin, a key part of Prototype Rails with his Shake N Take and the
voice of door prizes, says:

"There was a Prototype Meet in Seattle in October. This year we did not
have the Salem, OR meet (Rails by the River) but look for us again in
September just after the Labor Day Holiday."

Any event Greg is involved with will be a class affair. Do attend.

Mike Brock"

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