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Note: I was the Clinic Chairman for PR'13, so my opinions are obviously

Prototype Rails 2013 (January 10-12) is now behind us. Here are my

+ The weather. It was unseasonably warm (10 degrees warmer than average),
meaning that it was about 80 degrees and sunny on the beach. It's pretty
hard to complain about that!
+ The clinics. We had a very nice lineup of clinics this year. As Clinic
Chairman, I had nothing to do with this; the fine clinics are the result of
the hard work of the individual clinicians. I attended several.
+ Frank Peacock's analysis of UP Freight Train Consists in Spring 1947 was
quite interesting to me. Several folks were amazed that an interesting
presentation could be given based on what could have been very dry data.
+ Perry Sugerman's clinic on Car Cards, Waybills, and Car Forwarding was
very interesting. It was good to see an approach that is different to the
one that I used (which I based on Tony Thompson's approach). I learned some
good stuff [I like his concept of "itineraries", and will apply them to the
way I do things.
+ Jim Dick's clinic on Car Service Orders was also good. He showed the
diversity of CSO's and how they affected the appearance of trains. I look
forward to getting a copy of his presentation so that I can study the text
of the CSO's in detail.
+ Charles Hostetler did a nice clinic on the ICC 1% Waybill statistics.
Unfortunately, he discovered that the statistics are not able to answer all
of the questions that we'd like, since much of the data has been lost due
to averaging. Nonetheless, there are some interesting trends that can be
used, which he illustrated with examples.
+ Ken Tendick built a Westerfield resin kit right before our eyes. I've
never seen anyone build a kit so quickly. He certainly went a long ways to
cure "Westerfear". We used a camcorder + LCD projector so that everyone
could see exactly what he was doing.
+ Mike Rose showed how he built the largest HO scale structure I've ever
seen. It was very interesting, and very informative. He also show how he
developed a town scene. Both are prototypical, of course.
+ Marty Megregian showed a film from 1937 (!!) of the Virginian Railway,
including the re-building of their hoppers. Wow!
+ There were a bunch of other great clinics, but those were the only ones
I managed to attend.
+ We had a lot of fine models on display in the ballroom, and
manufacturers including Archer Rivets, SC&F, Yarmouth Model Works,
Intermountain, Rapido, Paired Rail Publications, F&C, and many others who I
can't recall at the moment.
+ The people. That's why we come to these things - the other modelers!

- The illness of several attendees (including my wife) put a damper on the
meet (at least for me). Fortunately, Connie started feeling better on
Saturday, so we were able to enjoy Sunday and Monday.
- Attendance was only 247; I was hoping for 250-275.
- The website didn't have more details about each topic, nor a section
where one could look up a particular person and see when s/he was
scheduled. The Clinic Chairman for PR14 (me again) will have to work on
this. He should also get the schedule published a bit earlier.
- Hotel food is S... L... O... W... Not bad tasting, but slow. On the
other hand, there are many other dining options, including Sonny's BBQ,
Roberto's Little Havana, and the Lobster Shanty.
- I only got a cookie on Thursday night :( It's silly how much I looked
forward to a $0.65 chocoloate-chip cookie.

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