Re: Prototype Rails 2013

Bill Welch

I too had a great time. I think this was my 5th or 6th PR. Mike I promise to bring models next year. Jeff another superb job scheduling the clinics and then making sure the technology, lights, etc. was working before every clinic started so YES to the roller skates. Thank you also to the people supporting Mike and Jeff, Registration, etc. Greg Martin really went all out again on the Shake 'n Bake project this year. I saw Dave Hussey walking around with a tablet taking pictures. He documents both Naperville and Prototype rails. Thanks Dave.

I only saw people eating cookies but never got to any before they were gone. The coffee was really good. I noticed the very same table with at least one carryover person again did not get their food at the Friend of the Freight Car Lunch until very late. The hotel needs to get their act together on this! I am concerned that Jay Williams missed both Naperville and Prototype Rails and hope all is well with him. I hope we begin to see the new incarnation of Westerfield at both meets. These are where the kits builders are in large numbers after all.

Florida Modelers, we have an offer from someone in Orlando to host a casual gathering of modelers. Would someone be willing to help organize and coordinate this with the person offering the space? I imagine Mike might be able to help with names of potential attendees. Orlando would be central for many of us. A few hours of sharing models, talk, getting to know each other, maybe a presentation of two.

Bill Welch

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