NWX 12204 and 12202

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I'm doing the background work for a waybill post that involves the movement of NWX 12227 onto the Ahnapee & Western for a load of cheese. Gene Green covers NWX 12000 to 12300 in several photo captions of the "Refrigerator Car Color Guide", so I have a good starting point to write about the "Renton rebuilds".

I also noticed that Hendrickson and Kaminski include photos of NWX 12204 (page 194) and 12202 (page 202) in "Billboard Refrigerator Cars". Instead of the NWX yellow and green they (at least 12202, which is in color) appear to be a darker reefer yellow to orange with the Oscar Mayer logo. The dimensional data, as best I can make out, are identical to those of the other Renton rebuilds (but not exactly the same as the Jan. 1958 ORER listing, which is a bit of a puzzle), and to my eye the ends and side sills of the Oscar Mayer cars appear to be the same as the others.

My tentative conclusion is that at least a couple of the Renton rebuilds were leased to Oscar Mayer in the mid to late 1950s, and that not all of the 276 were painted in the classic green and yellow scheme. I had never really thought about NWX in the 1950s as a car lessor, and I was hoping that someone on the group might have some information as to whether this was reasonable.


Charles Hostetler

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