Re: MILW 592025 - 593024 Auto Box


All the cars mentioned sound similar to the Q'Craft single sheathed auto box which had single sheathed ends. Plans for that car appeared in one of the CBCs.

Ed Mines

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My Milwaukee Road car rercords indicate that these cars were built by AC&F in August 1925 and my builders photo jappears to have a Hutchins all steel roof. The car is classed as XA and lettered 'Automobile". The only "end door" is the typical Bettendorf lumber door on the A-end. There is no indication that this series ever had large end loading doors.

Milw series 593025 - 593324 did have large end loading doors and double side doors.

My understanding is that Frank Hodina may be working on masters for a future resin kit.

John Greedy

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I'm looking for any info on MILW 592025 - 593024 Auto Box cars (classed XM in 1950), and apparently still 1 1/2 doors from ORER data) with end door appearing in 1950 ORER. I have an old Funaro and Camerlengo door and a half MILW kit without end doors which I suspect might be similar, although I know that most or all of the cars represented by that kit were converted to single door cars in the late 30's. If I could find a picture of the end door, and the cars were otherwise similar, I would like to scratchbuild an end with door to make a car that is right for 1950.

As to the F&C kit, it has a Murphy roof whereas similar MILW prototypes seem to all have Hutchins roofs. If the kit roof wrong, or is there another series that matches? What roof did 592025 - 593024 have?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ken Roth

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