Re: Prototype Rails 2013


Mike - an excellent job. And a Very Well Done event.
I have chaired a couple of conventions and as someone who chaired prior to me told me: You get to choose all the presenters you have ever wanted to present and yet manage to see none of them.
Mike - Take credit for the extremely nice weather, and please order it up for next year. That from both me and my wife.
I did not get a cookie however I and my wife missed the beanie baby craze so perhaps missing cookies are not a bad thing. As far as a rush from the ballroom to the cookie table - missed it however to conjure up a vision of it I believe could cause nightmares.
Jeff listed presenters he liked and I am quite happy to make that list. Jeff helped me when my computer went into microsoft limbo-land just prior to the first presentation. Thank you Jeff. Jeff does not need roller skates, no - he needs a Star Trek transporter device.
I very much like this event and placing names with faces. Like Bill Welch, this could be fifth or sixth time.

My only only concern was the number of cell phone devices that went off during presentations. I cannot recall the last time I have heard so many. Perhaps some - Silence cell phone device beyond this point, signs would be good. Of course the people who do listen do not need to be told and those that do not listen never will.

Mike, Jeff - I and my wife are already looking forward to next year.
Jim Dick

-- In STMFC@..., "Mike Brock" wrote: Now that the thirteenth consecutive Prototype Rails [ The Bash on the Beach ] is history and since I have recovered about 50% of what faculties I
still have remaining, I would like to thank the many members of the STMFC that attended and particularly those that made presentations. Such meets as Prototype Rails are very dependent on presenters, attendees, and I should add, the many manufacturers and vendors that attend.
I would like to note that the average high temperature during the meet was 80°. In recent years I have been blamed for temps somewhat lower than 80. I am, therefore, taking full credit for the extremely nice weather. Mike Brock
Prototype Rails Boss

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