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- Attendance was only 247; I was hoping for 250-275.
Yet, the Hotel sold out of rooms at the special rate. They tried very hard to sell me a room at $165 a night. If I couldn't have found a less expensive hotel, that would have meant driving home Saturday night, missing the banquet and evening presentations. Expedia to the rescue! With "only" a 3-4 hour drive home, that last night stay is tough to justify to the Cheif Financial Officer.

- Hotel food is S... L... O... W... Not bad tasting, but slow. On the other hand, there are many other dining options, including Sonny's BBQ, Roberto's Little Havana, and the Lobster Shanty.
Ugh. Agreed. Even the morning breakfast buffett. I thought waiting to pay your bill was supposed to be a Russian thing.

- I only got a cookie on Thursday night :( It's silly how much I looked forward to a $0.65 chocoloate-chip cookie.
I heard rumors of cookies. I also heard a lot of people wishing there were sugar free cookies, also. I didn't see either, but REALLY appreciated the free coffee. It was surprisingly good.

I also wanted to "put a shout out" to all the other modelers that brought models to display. It would be nice if more had "in process" models. I was a little self-conscious, but this was also the first time I've paraded my work like that.

Everyone I spoke to was very encouraging and supportive. What a terrific environment to immerse yourself in for 3 days!

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, Florida

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