Re: Model armor and model aircraft web sites with building BLOGS and reviews

Marty McGuirk


The Steam Era freightcars site has stuttered and stalled for a few years now. I have no problem with supporting it, but the mechanics of a blog seem to make it far easier to update on a regular basis than a traditional web site.

I've gotten some interest in this, so I might pull together a straw man over the weekend to show how this might look. Of course, there's no reason the review blog that Charlie originally envisioned couldn't be a permanent link in the Steam Era cars web site.


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I will chime in as Rob Adams is in Asia for two weeks. Rob has taken over the Steam Era Freight Car website founded by Ted Culotta several years ago. I have to believe what you are talking about, Marty and Charlie, would be right at home with what Rob envisions doing as he re-envisions the site. The rest of us, including myself need to be thinking about what model photos we want to send Rob.

Bill Welch

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Maybe the population of modelers in our side of the hobby doesn't justify these types of sites but thought I'd toss it out for discussion.

Charlie Duckworth
Charlie, and all:
I'd be willing to coordinate a blog dedicated to detailed modeling of steam era rolling stock. Not sure how the mechanics would work, but if you're interested in discussing it please email me off list at mjmcguirkATcomcastDOTnet

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