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I look forward to seeing what Rob comes up with. What Charlie and I are talking about in no way replaces what Rob is doing with the web site, if anything it will enhance it.

The "Strawman" of the blog is up now - I still have some tweaks to do to it, and we'll be adding some more content over the next few days, but y'all are welcome to take a look -


--- In STMFC@..., "Douglas Harding" wrote:

Rob contacted a few of us at the end of last year with a new revamped format
sample and an enquiry as to interest in perhaps offering content. He is
intentionally working on revamping and improving the website, between is day
duties. What I saw proposed looks very good. You may just need some patience
as he is not able to devote 24/7 to the task.

Doug Harding

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