Re: UP water spray from tenders on 4000 and 3900 class engines

Richard Hendrickson

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Joel Unknown last name [ Note Joel, that STMFC rules require both first and
last names. We want to know who we are talking to ] writes:

"On my UP videos, it was stated that UP always placed the stock cars behind
the tender so as to attach a hose to water down the straw to prevent fires
from flying coals."

Kratville notes in his book Big Boy that UP Big Boys and Challengers had a
tendency to generate fires at trackside due to the rain of hot cinders they
produced [ I can confirm Kratville's statement ]. Big Boys and Challengers
came with a water spray unit on the top rear of the tender. This unit could,
apparently, provide a water spray for 15 car lengths. Kratville notes that
it's use was discontinued after a few years but not removed. The last use
occurred in 1958. The water came from the left injector's discharge and was
piped through the tender for cooling. There are photos on pg 68 and 69.
Models imported by Key of Big Boy 4010 and Challenger 3943 contain this
spray device which rests on the rear light on the tender.
Fascinating, Mike. Who (besides you) knew? I'll just add that, as far as I know, that device was unique to the UP locomotives and was not used by any other western stock haulers, so it had nothing to do with the practice, followed by every railroad that hauled livestock, of blocking stock cars at the head of the train.

Richard Hendrickson

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