Re: D&RGW 60200 series (ex-65100 series)

Roland Levin

Hi Richard
Here is one other picture of this car type and it shows the details even better.
I don't understand your question. You can see the widely spaced rivets to the left of the door but not to the right. Is this your question? I can confirm that the rivets looked the same before any cars were transferred to the new number series. I have built two of the Sunshine kits for this model and they have the same setup of rivets.
Most of the cars were equipped with loaders for cars. Could that have anything to do with the rivets?
Roland Levin
Stockholm, Sweden

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Ämne: [STMFC] D&RGW 60200 series (ex-65100 series)
I have a question regarding the D&RGW 60200 series (ex-65100 series) automobile cars. These are the pre-WWII PSC cars with the unique 6-foot and 9-foot doors. The side panels to the left of the doors have rows of closely-spaced rivets where the panels overlap. Outboard of these are rows of more widely-spaced rivets, presumably attaching the side sheets to the cars' internal structure. Here's my problem: in the few photos of these cars I have seen the closely-spaced rivet rows are obvious, but eh widely-spaced ones seem to be absent. At first I thought this was just a trick of the lighting, but closer examination of the photos leads me to question this. Does anyone know what the real situation is? Here's an example from the fallen flags site:

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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