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When Bob Buck was running the show he called me to say anytime I wanted to come he’d have tables for me. We went once, got caught in a snow storm and minus degree weather and never went back. With two days there and back in mid-winter you’re almost sure to run into problems. The trouble with Springfield is it has gotten so big it’s a sellers market. They don’t need Martin so why bother to upgrade the show?

Timonium is quite different. Howard Zane will always find tables at the last minute for quality products. – Al Westerfield

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I do not fault Martin. I'll never understand how that group runs the
show. Sometimes I think it succeeds despite them, not because of them.

They gave my group (Free-Mo) a HUGE amount of space for our display
layout -- but to have one sales table in our space, we still have to
pay $150 !! Tell Martin about that price (per 8ft table) and he'd
probably think twice or three times about coming even if he could
get all the tables he wants.

Last year in the building I was in there must have been 2000 sq ft
of open space... I find it hard to believe they can't find space for
a few tables for Martin. Damn.



The reason that Martin has never been to Springfield was that they could not guarantee him table space. They have been after him to come for a long time, but each time he asked for table space, they said that he would have to put his name on the waiting list when he arrived.

He told them that he was not coming all the way from Springfield Missouri without a table guarantee due to the cost of the trip out and back. Only when they could guarantee a table, then and only then would he come.

Would you be willing to travel halfway across the country with your goods, inventory on the prospect that you may get a table?

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