Re: What freight car drawings are available and where are they?

Larry Kline

The general arrangement and lettering drawings listed on the PRRT&HS web site are a very small fraction of the drawings that are on the microfilm. The PRR microfilmed nearly all of their drawings ca. 1951. Some drawings were out of the files when the microfilming was done. Some of these were microfilmed later and some are missing.

To get information about other drawings, see the Drawing Ordering Information pdf at the link posted by Rich Orr. There are lists of tracings available for most freight cars. Drawings for cars built after the microfilming was done are not on the microfilm. We are currently processing the drawings in the collection. We will know what is available when the processing of the drawings is completed. There are some drawings in the collection for cars built after the microfilming was done.

Larry Kline
PRRT&HS Archives volunteer

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The drawings and ordering instructions on the holdings of the PRRT&HS can be found at
Is this a comprehensive list of their holdings? The car I'm looking for wasn't included in the index.

David Thompson

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