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I have the freight cars.  They include modern cars, the 60' Berwick boxcar comes to mind.  I may have an engine or two and these are more in the blueprint mode.  Will try to post list tonight.  The freight car plans are definitely "O" scale.

Francis A. Pehowic, Jr.
Sunbury, Pa.

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In the January 1981 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, there was an ad on
page 114 for Reading locomotive and freightcar equipment drawings. Per the
ad, Ed Wiswesser and the Reading Model Engineers were offering approximately
100 O scale drawings for sale. 25 of the drawings were stated to be of
freightcars. The ad also stated that there were plans to release
complementary lettering and painting diagrams.

Does anyone have any of the freightcar drawings and would they be willing to
share that information? My understanding is that Ed Wiswesser passed on
several years ago, otherwise I'd contact him directly.

Larry Sexton
I had most of them and probably still do. I'll have to look. All of the drawings were in O scale (actual blueprints I think)and were originally drawn much earlier (maybe in the '40s). Most if not all were of RDG cars.

Ed Mines

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