Re: USRA SS boxcars

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

But as I pointed out at the beginning of the thread, you seriously
muddied the waters by not pointing out the differences between the
pressed steel truss members of the true USRA SS boxcar and the
Z-section truss members of the other prototypes.
Yes - this is something that I did overlook, and I'm ready to admit that

"Minute" details are anything but. The differences between ends,
roofs, doors, car height, and centersills may be subtle, but they are
defintely there, and are especially noticeable in context.

I agree completely - and never have I claimed otherwise! In fact I
wouldn't even call those "minute" differences, but significant ones
(though, of course, on a scale; a composite end is completely different
from a Dreadnaught end, but a W-post is only minutely different from a
square post...)

These were exactly the differences which I went out of the way to point
out in all my descriptives, be it about single-sheathed cars with
Howe-truss bracing on 6 panels, or about the 1937 AAR cars, or whatever.
Doors, ends, roofs, etc. Because these are the things you see, that are
immediately obvious even on a model. Differences such as this I never
glossed over; what I viewed as not entirely relevant was requisite
terminology, in the sense of, the name isn't important, so long as you
recognise that while a B-50-14 and a USRA SS car are *broadly similar* in
appearance, they have different ends, underframe, etc., and these
differences are essential in making a presentable model. Even if the
(minor) dimensional differences aren't reflected on a model, representing
these differences is what (IMO) will make a model be a believable
representation of a B-50-14 or an X26 or whatever.

And I think that's the first step that needs to be taken - getting
modellers new to this aspect of the hobby to consider these differences as
significant enough to recreate!

Frank Valoczy
New Westminster, BC

PS: All that said, I think that progress is being made in TT scale... keep
in mind that a lot of TTers don't really care about such differences, or,
didn't care until it was pointed out. So it's kinda like, we're still
trying to get over the Athearn Blue Box mentality of a "steel boxcar is a
steel boxcar, a single-sheathed car is a single-sheathed car". And that
mentality is still pretty deeply in there, though it's been getting better
over the 6 years that I've now been involved with North American prototype
TT scale.

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