Re: USRA SS boxcars

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

Benjamin Scanlon wrote:

as for the railTT 'USRA' car, it sounds like it's going to take some work
to look like anything american.
I'd kinda disagree there.

As the model is, apart from the ladders (which are disappointing) and the
trucks (not entirely sure why Nikolai opted to put arch bars in the kit,
but), it's pretty decently accurate for Canadian National 464000-464999
and 500500-503499 series cars, for Algoma Central 3101-3200 series cars,
and for Rutland's single car #7999 (which was an ex-CN car). Though true,
those are Canadian and not American, but that still counts as North
American railroading.

Then, there may be some minor dimensional differences, it wouldn't take
*too* much work to make a composite-ended B-50-13 or B-50-14 using the
RailTT model. And SP and family had lots of those, and pretty much anyone
modelling within the scope of this list can easily justify having one or
several of these.

True, it would take rather more work to make a good representation of a
true USRA car out of it (the simplest way would probably be to use the old
Christoph 5/5/5 ends and Gold Coast's 40' underframe), but even that is
certainly doable, and the quality of the model is quite good (I'm thinking
here specifically of the planks - the wood effect is very sharp), so I
still think it's a very useful addition to what we have available in TT
scale, and certainly isn't something to be discounted at all.

Frank Valoczy
New Westminster, BC

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